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Suit Up!

Empowered with Purpose

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Many people go through life donning a superhero cape, trying to balance all the demands daily life brings. But we’re humans not superheroes.

By outlining some weaknesses in DC Comics™ superhero character, Wonder Woman, Lillian unfolds how fighting an ongoing spiritual battle with fallible weapons leaves your weak spots exposed. Suit Up! offers insight into equipping yourself with God’s armor to regain your strength and guide you how to:

  • Discover the significance of each piece of spiritual armor

  • Develop a strategy to turn failures into opportunities for growth

  • Equip yourself to build a stormproof life

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Suit Up!

Information Warfare

Training Guide

Disponible en Español

Based on the daily recommended Scripture reading plan in Suit Up! Empowered with Purpose, this seven-week devotional guide offers a deeper dive into each recommended scripture and includes a key takeaway along with a prayer. 

Suit Up! Study Guide

Great for personal study or small groups, this companion guide to the main book helps readers dive deeper into scripture to help identify potential areas within their lives that may need reinforcement.

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